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We aim to impact the community and our patients by not only providing medical solutions, but also going one step further and offering education, advice and other supportive services such as payment plans to help everyone in the community equally.


Garment fitting and advice

Medical compression garments come in different classes and sizes and at the Oedema Institute we personalise the garment fitting service as a tailored approach to meet each patients’ individual needs. We have an extensive range of circular knit, flat knit, wraps, stockings and medical socks in stock, therefore having the patient fitted in most cases immediately, and avoiding lengthy wait times.


Garment Fitting.jpg


Our on-site education centre is designed to attract medical and health practitioners, students and patients, who are interested in hearing the latest information regarding oedema treatment and management. We engage with medical experts and key opinion leaders in their field, who will present interactive sessions across a broad range of topics. This will also provide many networking opportunities.


Payment Options

The Oedema Institute will cover all private and government payment services:

  • DVA
  • NDIS (plan managed, self managed)
  • Private health
  • Medicare
  • Care plans
  • Garment subsidy schemes
  • Payment Plans