The facility

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We are dedicated to helping people feel their best. Every day.

The Oedema Institute by SIGVARIS GROUP is a centre where the study of science, innovation, education, and medical expertise come together. Thanks to this synergy, patients and health professionals now benefit from the latest innovations in this field. Our purpose is to serve the community as a highly specialized hub for the treatment of oedema, including lymphoedema, lipoedema, vascular/venous oedema and many other swelling issues. Practitioners at the Oedema Institute strive for excellence in quality care. By combining their wealth of experience with the latest & most advanced lymphoedema treatment technology, we can deliver the highest standard of care to all patients.

Our services

Our assessments start with a consultation by our lymphoedema specialist, which include a full medical history to identify risk factors and tailor the appropriate treatment plan for each person. This may also include our latest technology scans such as the Sigvaris Leg Reader and Bio-impedance scan
The Oedema Institute focuses on using the latest research and technology to customise treatment plans for each patient. After our initial assessment, we will begin discussing our short- and long-term goals and formulating the appropriate treatment plan accordingly.
And more
We aim to impact the community and our patients by not only providing medical solutions, but also going one step further and offering education, advice and other supportive services such as payment plans to help everyone in the community equally.

Our Team