Discover Freedom from Swelling and Discomfort!

Discover Freedom from Swelling and Discomfort!

Welcome to the Oedema Institute – Your Path to Health, Vitality, and Wellness in Monash, Victoria, Australia.

Oedema Institute

a comprehensive, state of the art clinic in Monash Victoria Australia, purpose built for the treatment of
oedema and swelling associated with lymphoedema, lipoedema and vascular pathologies, and treating the
causes and/or effects of: fluid retention, varicose veins, tired aching legs, soreness, poor circulation, skin changes, arthritic conditions, auto immune conditions, and more...

Susan Butcher Clinical Manager making an assessment to a man, with a machine, at Oedema Institute by SIGVARIS GROUP


Our assessments start with a consultation by our lymphoedema specialist, which include a full medical history to identify risk factors and tailor the appropriate treatment plan for each person.

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The Oedema Institute focuses on using the latest research and technology to customise treatment plans for each patient. After our initial assessment, we will begin discussing our short- and long-term goals and formulating the appropriate treatment plan accordingly.

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Man receiving an Oedema treatment by a specialist at Oedema Institute by SIGVARIS GROUP

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At the Oedema Institute, we offer Lymphatic Massage education accredited by the Myotherapy Association of Australia, along with a variety of other in-demand education and workshops eligible for CPE points and highly beneficial for any resume. Additionally, our facility serve as the venue for Lymphoedema training courses provided by an accredited training provider recognized by the Australasian Lymphology Association.

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Garment supply, fitting and advice

Oedema Institute are suppliers and expert fitters of compression and medical garments. Whether it be swelling associated with pregnancy, health and comfort during flights, or a medical condition, we have garment options numbering in the tens of thousands. Much of that range is in our clinic, therefore having the patient fitted in most cases immediately and avoiding lengthy wait times.

Oedema Institute are also leaders in custom measured and designed garments, so no body shape is beyond us.

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Oedema Institute - Team and testimonial

Team and Testimonials

Meet the team that make the magic happen, and a selection of the many testimonials we receive.

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