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Genevieve T

"The Lymphoedema Accreditation Course by Susan Butcher at Oedema Institute may be better described as a masterclass and has been invaluable to how I approach and manage lymphoedema, lipedema and oedema associated with various pathologies in my clinical practice. The theoretical component includes diverse medical and scientific views, along with the most up to date research and analysis on conditions associated with lymphoedema. This enabled an understanding of how treatment methods have come about and how the management of lymphoedema has progressed with recent research.

Sue’s commitment to providing clinical experience with clients suffering from lymphoedema and comorbidities enabled us to physically assess clinical features and understand the challenges individuals face managing their conditions. The practical experience incorporated the use of advanced technologies in detecting and monitoring oedema, as well as a focus on mastering practical techniques for manual lymphatic drainage, bandaging techniques, garment fitting and intermittent pneumatic compression. Through diverse and complex case studies, we were challenged to consider how treatments could address the condition on a physiological level, but also in terms of practically implementing the treatments with clients. This has given me the confidence to not only apply the knowledge and practical techniques, but foresee potential issues in treatment plans, and identify and manage complications. There was a unique incorporation of interprofessional perspectives on how to best manage lymphoedema and associated complications such as wounds for the best possible client outcomes.

I highly recommend the Lymphoedema Accreditation Course to practitioners and therapists looking for a course that will give them the skills, confidence and resources to better manage lymphoedema in their practice."

Dr Samantha Jones, Osteopath at Oedema Institute by SIGVARIS GROUP

Dr Samantha Jones
Osteopath and Lymphoedema Therapist
Alverno Gargi Chelote, Administration at Oedema Institute by SIGVARIS GROUP

Alverno Gargi Chelote
Clinic Admin and Information Manager
Julian Butcher, Practice Manager at Oedema Institute by SIGVARIS GROUP

Julian Butcher
Practice Manager
Eve Hongsap, Myotherapist and Lymphatic Massage at Oedema Institute by SIGVARIS GROUP

Eve Hongsap
Myotherapist and Lymphatic Massage
Kim Pargeter, Garment Measuring and Fitting Specialist at Oedema Institute by SIGVARIS GROUP

Kim Pargeter
Garment Measuring and Fitting Specialist


"I can’t thank enough the wonderful staff at the Oedema Institute clinic for all their support and help with my problems with my legs retaining fluid and diagnosing my problem with my lymphatic system. The treatment is finally giving me some help and already giving me a lot of relief from pain and with their help l am looking forward to having a lot better life. I am also thrilled that I am finally loosing inches off my legs and it’s giving me the incentive to want more, and so l am happily doing all l can to get better, so thank you again Sue and Makensie and all the great team at the Oedema Institute."

Blue logo icon of Oedema Institute by SIGVARIS GROUP

Blue logo icon of Oedema Institute by SIGVARIS GROUP


"I would like to say thank you and my appreciation to Susan Butcher and her team at Oedema Institute for the help and support they have given me. I went in to have my lower legs measured up for new compression garments and receive laser treatment, and to my surprise the compression garments I required were available on the spot. I was happy I did not have to wait a week or more for the compression garments. I was fitted with the new garments straight away and that afternoon when I was at home I had to re-tension the straps on the garments more than once that same day due to the decrease in fluid volume. I was very happy. Thank you to all at Oedema Institute."


"I have had several Lymphatic Drainage Massages and treatments from Sue and the team at the Oedema Institute and cannot recommend them enough. The professional staff made me feel extremely comfortable and their expertise was evident. I always leave the clinic feeling lighter, happier and healthier. I believe everyone should have several Lymphatic Drainage Massages per year. This is a treatment that needs to be a part of everyone's lives and regular health management."

Blue logo icon of Oedema Institute by SIGVARIS GROUP

Blue logo icon of Oedema Institute by SIGVARIS GROUP


“I have had many challenges with finding a doctor to diagnose me with Lipoedema. I made an appointment and was seen by Susan and Makensie. I was treated with dignity, respect and my care in mind. For the first time in my 50 years of age, I came to understand my condition and the reason for the pain I have been experiencing. I was given clear and concise information and in simple terms and never without caring for me as a human. There was empathy, understanding and care given to me at all times. I can honestly say there has been less pain (about 15%) in my legs and much more ability to stand longer, walk stronger and be more mobile comparatively. Their follow up with me has also been exceptional and have also referred me to a Myotherapist locally that could possibly help me with exercise requirements going forward. I would strongly recommend anyone suffering with such conditions to see Susan and Makensie as I have been very much satisfied with their service, understanding of my condition and its complexities and the overall personal level of care they took to make me feel comfortable, to enable me to understand the information they provided me with and the provision of overall understanding, empathy and consideration of me as a person in all of this. Seeing these ladies is the best thing I have done to help me with my condition and I cannot thank them enough!”

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Our Treatments

Our Treatments

The Oedema Institute focuses on using the latest research and technology to customise treatment plans for each patient.


Our assessment involves a noninvasive scan of a person’s total body water and fat mass, which helps in the treatment of lymphoedema.
Garment supply, fitting and advice

Garment supply, fitting and advice

Medical compression garments come in different classes and sizes and at the Oedema Institute we personalise the garment fitting service as a tailored approach to meet each patients’ individual needs.
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